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Can advertising influence our life we live media essay

These days everyone sees advertising within their life, even so this person hasn’t watched TV or paid attention to the radio. Normally,an average person who watches television set 1 to 4 hours a daye. Of these hours of seeing Tv,there is a huge profiibility, because it has an impact on people’s options by showin them the new and available product that this person watches advertisement. It is powerful on attracting customers psychologically, visually and in addition culturally. but the problem is that may these attractive advertising and marketing affect our life or not?

The propose of this conceptual paper is to understand the influence of advertising on our lifestyle. In this paper I satudy forth portion which is important inside our llife such as culture, health insurance and economy.

Key words: advertising, influence on people life


These days advertising is Wherever you reside in the world, whether it’s Europe, America or Australia ,even you are in rural city you will see advertising. You can view advertising in several ways such as: newspaper , radio ,TV and billboard which puts up along the roadside,so that it is ubiquitous and nearly unavoidable for the common consumer.

In begin it si easier to know what advertisment means:Advertising is usually a communication instrument which by the marketing experts to inducing the potential buyers to get certain service or product. It takes on a pivotal function in reaching the financial and professional objectives of the firms concerned. The purpose of advertising is also essential in the cutthroat competitive environment . advertising shows to their demand a lttle bit more of the marketing experts towards informing, educating and facilitating the client as to how to have a timely access to certain product or something in a novel and impressive way. The advertisers are therefore devising ways to make advertising far better.General Attitude of UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Towards Consequences and Affect of Television Advertising in Pakistan 592

Despite the actual fact that advertising is a highly effective tool for the business enterprise along using its being an important aspect of the present day age and a fast growing industry, the public image of advertising continues to be a matter of great concern. (O’Donohoe,1995).

Advertising is criticized because of its presenting misleading information, promoting adverse values, artificial claims, subliminal seduction communications and persuading people to buy things they no longer want (Katona, 1964; Pollay, 1986; Pollay and Mittal,1993). Again, this industry can be blamed of spreading unsustainable usage patterns around the world over and encouraging increased consumption. All of the foregoing aspects are likely to hinder its effectiveness and efficiency as a advertising device (Beales et al., 1981; Calfee and Ringold, 1987; Pollay and Mittal, 1993; Wright, 1986). Therefore, it is critical of the advertising issues to check out the public thoughts and opinions advertising because of its for reaching impact on the economy, cultural ideals and our health and wellness. (Wills and Ryans; 1982.)

2)Aftereffect of advertising on culture

Culture is among the significant aspects which is modified by seeing advertisement. Get to be of this part, it is essential to really know what culture means that the way of life which includes beliefs, aesthetics and organizations of a civilization. This definition demonstrates culture is even more effected by marketing, because images used in advertising tend to be idealized, they eventually set the typical which we in turn feel we must live up to.

firstable, The essential goal of advertising and marketing is to convince the consumer that he or she would have an improved life if he/she applied this advertised product. Of course in addition they tell us the only way we can reach the amount of beauty, intelligence, or various other value is through the use of their product. For example, with the "Give your locks a Boost!" ad, it is obviously counting on the girl with gorgeous wild hair who fills up the entire ad and is utilized to cause you to wonder if your locks is sufficient. ("Fruit Kicks") The written text in the advertising is minimal and whatever is there is quite weak in arguing for this product’s superiority. The advertiser’s main desire is when you go to buy personal hygiene products, you will remember the wonder of the girl and the healthiness of her head of hair. ("Fruit Kicks") They happen to be confident their target audience will transfer emotions they get out of this woman’s appearance toward the merchandise and will finish up purchasing it.

Secondly,advertisment have an impact on on persons daily progromm.for example; when there is a sport that’s getting a large amount of attention by the media and gains attractiveness among friends and family and world, you will much more likely want to practice the activity and be cool with your entire friends,so you could have fun together with your friends and be much healthier because of the exercise you are doing.

Also,our spoken dialect is impacted by seeing advertising.for example, the language found in an advertisement, many times, is influenced by the new generations with new words that may have not existed ten years before. This case in point is a proof the development of culture as well.

Indian example which ultimately shows us how advertising changing their Indian lifestyle.

As village politician Chandraprakash Dwivedi explained "Now village girls want to clothing like Rani Mukherjee in Bunty aur Babli — this within a month of the discharge of the film. " Men wish a hairstyle like "Radhe Bhayya " in reach motion picture Tere Naam. Bindis. A great many other aspects of culture have been sacrificed in favour of western influences. Folk music and travelling singers have given way to cassettes and cds.

Although information and interaction links that television set, cinema, radio and papers have brought about are a lot; it is undeniable that they have had a very strong effect on the masses who enjoy them. Culture and interpersonal structures have suffered, as have traditional art varieties and methods of communication.

3) Effect of advertising on our economy

Advertising plays a critical role in market market. As Dr. Kenneth Arrow and the past due Dr. George Stigler, said: "Advertising is a robust tool of competition. It offers valuable information about product or service within an efficient and cost-effective manner. In this manner, advertising helps the market to operate smoothly-it facilitates the entry of services and new firms into the market."

3.1-First, according to George’s quotation, Advertising plays a significant role available cycle In a nation in which consumer spending determines the future of the economy. Advertising and marketing motivates people to invest more by conveying valuable data, which tells them about product and service alternatives, and accelerate the standard acceptance of services and to lift the amount of acceptability of established goods, so Consumers who watch the advertisement revise their info and consumption decisions and could purchase the product. Actually demand for product, which advertisement showed, goes up so company ‘s profit increase. Also this event cause on company’s security, it means by raising its profit,its finance is definitely more stable, so provider feel more protection. Finally, company opt to raise the number of its product or it really wants to make a fresh product. for each of them it requires new employee. Thus, advertising makes employment or it increase career in our society. For example U.S. advertising makes up about about 2.5 percent of the country’s $14 trillion gross national merchandise. American consumers rely intensely on advertising to influence how they use some $9 trillion annually on various items and services. A 1999 study by one of the country’s premier econometric modeling organizations, the WEFA Group, and Nobel Laureate in economics Dr. Lawrence R. Klein further underscored this economical impact. The study discovered that advertising played a key role in making 18.2 million of the 126.7 million jobs in the United States for the reason that year.

3.2-second of all,advertising reduce selling cost. Companies believe advertising is among the best way that may introduce their new merchandise to their costumer even other persons which do not have any information about their product. They know that it is impossible to introduce their item to each person face to face. It requires considerable time. In fact their funds and their time is wasted using this method do the job. At least this event increase their product offering cost, so marketing helping them by showing their merchandise to other people and reduce selling cost.

3) Aftereffect of advertising on our healthy

Effect of advertising on health

Most people have learned what they find out about health from personal knowledge,from friend and relative, form authorities , from the family doctor and ,,,,. Advertising is probably the method which is learned people about their overall health by showing the nice point of their merchandise ,which is goof because of their health. In fact , these advertising influence persons by making great impression that can persuade them. Many of these product’s advertising are not really good for the health.

1)For example tobacoo advertising. These businesses use term such as light to misunderstand smoker by believing that brand is safer and lessen health risks more than others, thus thy will continue steadily to support these enterprise by buying cigarette.

2)another exemplory case of which is make mislead smoker is usually that sometimes cigarette advertising are placed subsequent to wight loos ads in magazines. Many girls suffer from weight issue, so if they see cigarette advertisements and weight they opt to utilize it more than before.

In other hand, a few of unhealthy items depict people’s imagine. For example:

1) Tobacco businesses show smoking search glamorous and cool, consequently teens are so worried about their photograph and want to look like the models that are in the advertisements, they’ll start smoking.

2) Beer advertising shows that if you drink this brand of beer you might catch your dreamy female.

It is one of wishes that young males have, so they cause drink more this brand of beer. these daye Beer is the beverage of choice for most youth, and between 1998 and 2002, industry spending on televised beer ads improved 45 percent to $972 million. Number2 competes beer with different alcohol drink .:

According to the figure ,we understand how much beer advertising is prosperous than other alcohols take such sprit and wine .it has additional fanner due to it’s advertising


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